International Partners and Applicant Credential Application Process

Periodically, NCDA’s Credentialing Commission will partner with international organizations whose training programs meet the specific competencies for one or more NCDA Credentials.  They are offered Alternate Pathways (AP) Agreements which entitle their trainees to apply for one of the NCDA Credentials.  For more information about NCDA’s Credentialing Commission AP Program, contact Deneen Pennington at


International Partners

NCDA has established an Alternate Pathways process whereby a training program based on the Facilitating Career Development (FCD)Training, or a language specific training that meets FCD competencies may be approved for the NCDA CCSP Credential.  This process allows countries to expand their training and their completers to be recognized with an NCDA credential.  

The following organizations have been approved for Alternate Pathways agreements:

Psychological Assessment Corporation (PAC): Provides the Facilitating Career Development Training and CCSP Credentialing in China and Eastern Asia.  This alternate pathway agreement enables colleagues in the region to access NCDA's training in their native language.  Anyone who is interested in the Chinese version of FCD training and CCSP Credentialing, can reach the training website at

Mindler: This career counseling and guidance company in India provides training that was approved by the NCDA Credentialing Commission as an alternate pathway to the NCDA CCSP Credential.  Whoever is interested in their curriculum, please visit

IDreamCareer: This for-profit social enterprise in India also provides training that was approved by the NCDA Credentialing Commission.  IDreamCareer training participants may earn their NCDA CCSP Credential by successfully completing their training program.  Anyone interested in this training may visit

Republic Polytechnic: This postsecondary education institution and statutory board, under the purview of the Singapore Ministry of Education, has been awarded an alternate pathways agreement.  Those completing this training are eligible for the NCDA CCSP Credential.  For more information, visit Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling (



Verification of Educational Degree

Most NCDA Credentials require individuals to verify their educational degrees. For credentials requiring transcript evaluation, applicants will upload the transcript evaluation as a part of the application process for an NCDA Credential. Here are the steps to do so:

Individuals with degrees or coursework from post-secondary institutions that are not accredited by a US Regional or National Institutional Accrediting Agency as recognized by the US Department of Education will need to complete the transcript evaluation process described below.

1. Determine if the school is accredited:

This link describes US post-secondary accreditation: At this link, you can also search for a school to determine if it is accredited.

2. If not accredited, contact a transcript evaluation service:

If you earned your degree(s) from an institution without US accreditation, you will need to have the degree(s) evaluated by an international transcript evaluation service and submit the results to NCDA as a part of your application. NCDA accepts transcription evaluation service from Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. International Education Consultants and Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.


Credential-Specific Information

Depending on the credential you are applying for, you will need the following type of evaluation for your application:

A. For the Certified Career Counselor, Certified Clinical Supervisor of Career Counselors, and Certified Career Counselor Educator, you will need to submit the University and Post-Secondary Course-by-Course evaluation. Below is what is provided in this evaluation:

This evaluation provides the same information as the document-by-document evaluation, but also gives course, grade, and credit equivalents in U.S. terms for university level study in other countries. This type of evaluation is usually required for transfer into a U.S. college or university. It is required for CPA examination, teacher certification, licensing or membership in professional associations (Engineering and Nursing require a different kind of evaluation.) Only study leading to a degree is included in evaluations. Our evaluations do not include non-credit bearing and continuing education study.

B. For the Certified Master of Career Services and Certified School Career Development Advisor, you will need to submit the Post-secondary/University Document-by Document evaluation. Below is what is provided in this evaluation:

This evaluation names all post-secondary or university diplomas, degrees and gives U.S. equivalencies for each. This report may be appropriate for graduate admission (in addition, the grade point average service is also required by many U.S. colleges and universities), for immigration, employment, among others. Only study leading to a degree is included in evaluations. Our evaluations do not include non-credit bearing and continuing education study.

C. The Certified Career Services Provider does not require verification of a degree. To qualify for this credential, you must complete the US NCDA Facilitating Career Development course provided by a US NCDA Facilitating Career Development Instructor.

Non-native Speakers of English

Non-native speakers of English may request an accommodation of a longer time period to complete the assessment portion in their credential application. All responses in the application must be in English.



Contact with questions or to discuss accommodations.