NCDA’s Mental Health Resources

In alignment with NCDA’s theme for the upcoming 2024 Global Career Development Conference, the association provides resources and an exploration into the critical connections between career development and mental health. Career development professionals need to deepen their understanding of how to guide individuals toward fulfilling and sustainable careers while prioritizing their mental health. 

Do you recognize the many challenges your students and clients face? Are you fostering resilience and balance? How can we encourage the prioritization of mental health in the workplace? What are the potential impacts of stress and burnout on career success and personal productivity? What are the steps to cultivating a wellness mindset? How can organizations create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture? And how can we help students and clients navigate rapidly changing work and career pathways? 

The impact of aligning career goals with mental health priorities can be transformative. NCDA acknowledges the vital role of career development professionals in this work and provides a source of inspiration, knowledge, and practical tools with a focus on holistic well-being. 



“The Interconnection of Career Development and Mental Health: Strategies and Techniques to Promote Well-Being and Success”
June 26-28, 2024, San Diego, California,



PODCASTS: Career Practitioner Conversations with NCDA

Wellness and Career Success with Cornelius Thomas, Meredith Brown, and Reno Palombit

The Role of Mental Health in Career Development with Dr. Seth C. W. Hayden



Supporting Career Development through Multiple Lenses of Mental Health and Well-Being: Focus on Disabilities and Differ-Abilities



Career Developments members magazine: "Career Development and Mental Health: Well-being and Work" - Spring 2024


Career Convergence, web magazine:

Vital Role of Career Counselors in Engaging Men in Mental Health Treatment - By Meredith Montgomery

Assessing a Company’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging - By Ruby Swann

The Importance of Internal Employee Networks in Career Development - By Melinda DiBenedetto

Successful Integration of Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) into the Workplace - By Deb Blankenship

This Job is Driving Me Crazy: Career Coaching as a Cornerstone of Mental Health Treatment - By Elle O’Flaherty

Grief and Job Loss: Integrating Grief into Career Counseling Curriculum to Prepare Future Counselors - By Jen Hartman and Nathaniel Brown

Helping Clients Reduce Anxiety Symptoms at Work - By Megan Myers

Working with Neurodivergent Clients, Part 2: Navigating Conversations Around Disclosure and Accommodations - By Ashley Cross

Helping Highly Sensitive Persons Navigate the Work Environment and Thrive - By Tiffany Greene



CDSP24 - "Career Development and Mental Health" - 1 CE

One of a series of quarterly publication topics, this course includes the NCDA magazine's Spring 2024 issue. It offers a deeper understanding of how to guide individuals toward fulfilling and sustainable careers while prioritizing mental health. View the online course outline for more details.


POD001 - "Podcast course hosted by Dr. Sharon Givens" - 2 CEs

Develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of mental health and career planning as a career development professional.



For additional help: offers both mental health guides and free hotlines for a variety of mental health challenges.